The Vaccination Conundrum

Vaccines are incredibly powerful in reducing or eliminating disease. Yet, as diseases become less and less prevalent, society forgets the devastating effect of those diseases and more and more people become cavalier or even resistant to vaccination, leading to outbreaks of diseases like measles. Society needs to new tools to help educate people on vaccines.

With almost 30 years in the field of public health, here is the Vaccination Conundrum: As we succeed in reducing disease through vaccination, our society, individuals and health professionals within society, forget what the ravages of those diseases can be and we become cavalier, even resistant to preventive vaccination. Thus our success is leading to the community underestimating the problem with disease and making it harder to achieve high Immunization Coverage Rates for key vaccines like the MMR – measles-mumps-rubella. New tools such as App are needed to convince the populous to accept vaccination.

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