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Hubert A. Allen, Jr.


[email protected]

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Twitter: @DiseaseMorph

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Founder – Hubert A. Allen, Jr. Additional Team Members: Aaron Estrada, Corrie Hooker, Jon Williams, Joeff Davis; Joshua Garcia and Eric Debelak of 11Online

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The modern practice of vaccination to prevent communicable diseases is the World’s Number 2 most successful Public Health intervention (behind clean water). It is no exaggeration to say modern vaccination has led to the reduction of mortality in the hundreds of millions of people over the last three centuries. is a startup business which is in the process of creating an App with the goal of becoming a premier 21st Century teaching tool for both health professionals and lay people across the globe to encourage vaccination. In New Mexico alone over $40 million is spent each year on free vaccines for children under age 19 years (the Vaccines for Children Federal Program). However, resistance to being vaccinated is rising and the risk of having the USA slip back to an age when communicable diseases run commonly through our populace is nearing. One reason for the resistance is that folks have not seen or experienced the negative consequences of actually having these diseases or a family member having one of these serious diseases. provides a virtual disease experience through our DiseaseMorph App! It works like many fun but not serious Apps already do: Download the App and then take a selfie on your smartphone and select from our “Give me a case of” Menu and in real-time you morph into a case of measles or smallpox – our first two target diseases. Small researches we have conducted have shown that people react strongly to seeing themselves with a bad case of measles or smallpox   We believe the DiseaseMorph App will assist medical providers to convince vaccination skeptics and simply encourage the practice among those who do accept vaccination – and could become a major tool in supporting the vaccination effort across New Mexico, the USA and the World. One clear value indicator of the potential worth of the DiseaseMorph App is summed up in a brief anecdote about a single case of measles that flew into New Mexico in the mid-2000s. This unvaccinated individual (declined the MMR vaccine) picked up measles in London, England. While contagious this individual flew to Baltimore, switched planes, flew to Denver and then on to Albuquerque, New Mexico – feeling sick. After landing this individual drove to Santa Fe and went to Urgent Care but left after waiting what they considered to be too long before receiving service. They drove on to Espanola, New Mexico, and were finally diagnosed with measles at a local clinic. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) had to trace all those exposed to this measles case, on all those flights and conducted preventive vaccination. The grand total cost to respond to this one case of measles in 21st Century America – $1,000,000 ! We expect the DiseaseMorph App will be free to the public, supported by advertising, membership and grants. Our startup began on April 1st 2015 so we have not reached out to clients yet. The next goal is to create a Beta version of the App.

Why does your company merit a slot at V2V? is currently at the Project Stage within an established business, Hubert Allen and Associates, a sole proprietorship located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hubert Allen and Associates has a successful thirty years history of being in the public health business. The App will be a valuable tool in attaining our National Public Health Goal of having a population vaccinated at the 90% level. Clearly, an App that is interactive, visual, fast, fun and accurate will be a hit once it is available to medical providers, educators, students, even parents in the waiting rooms of clinics across the country. By integrating edutainment (educating but through an entertaining medium) with the feel of serious gaming, this will have mass appeal. We are seeking the financial support to realize this vision on a fast track. A trip to the South by Southwest V2V Event July 19-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada, would give DiseaseMorph that opportunity. It would serve as a fantastic reality-check to see if this idea and this App has legs. Thank you for your consideration.


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