The 3 minute pitch!

My name is Hubert Allen, Founder of (and the APP) I have a Master’s in Health Statistics from Johns Hopkins University. I have worked in Public Health for over 30 years, the last 15 years as a Contractor with NMDOH – in the Immunization Program. Last year I visited over 200 clinics in NM. WHY am I developing the DiseaseMorph App?


sarampion-child-used in crappy Startup       5-3-2015 version

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Measles is a highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease. Last year 145,000 people, mostly children, died from measles worldwide – that’s one death every 3.75 minutes. Yet there is growing resistance to the measles vaccination.

Misinformation, rumor, and bad science fuel an anti-vaccination movement mainly off EMOTION. Our APP too works off emotion but this time in a pro-vaccine way. Why? Because our smartphone APP delivers an honest, personalized health message, On-the-Fly, which is not pretty!


In the App, take a Selfie, pick a disease and see your Selfie morphed into the disease case. The message is – “The disease is worse than the shot!” And the App is fun to use!

This summer, on my funds, a team is developing a Beta App for two diseases: measles and smallpox.

Hubert Allen Selfie-03-Measles V-01  FINALLY FINALLY - BEST   5-1

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See the Goofy Measles Morph showing the Founder with a clumsy morphed case of the measles. Our APP will have the most accurate scientific basis for the disease representations.

Every year in the USA, there are about 4 million births. That means 8 million new parents who could benefit from this APP every year!

In the mid 2000s, New Mexico had a person with measles fly in from London via three commercial airline flights. It cost the CDC $1 million dollars to trace and vaccinate all who came in contact with that one case to make sure measles did not spread!

Funding and Monitization

The healthcare industry, private sector philanthropy and government will pay to help develop DiseaseMorph. I have a three year budget outlined that I will get funded. Once a commercial product is available advertising, sponsorship and grants and spin-off products and elite services will fuel growth and profit.

Poster_for_vaccination_against_smallpox     HA morph

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This is a beautiful health education poster from the Public Health Department, Lagos, Nigeria on getting the smallpox vaccination. I have worked in Nigeria. Medical artists have been morphing for hundreds of years in medical books. We plan to do it off cell phones.

smallpox-victim-ha edits Turned-labelled BEST       USE 5-3-2015

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I want to apologize for sharing this last image. It is of a very ill smallpox victim, an American, one of us, from the archives of the New York Department of Health. After a global smallpox vaccine campaign largely protected all citizens, the last wild case of smallpox was treated and cured in 1975. In 1979 The WHO declared smallpox globally eradiated from the wild. Thank you for supporting

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