What is DiseaseMorph?

The DiseaseMorph mobile app is a simple, powerful tool that takes someone’s picture and shows them what they would look like with various diseases that are preventable with vaccines.

The goal is for people to overcome either their resistance or ignorance on the benefits of vaccines.

How will the DiseaseMorph.org App work?

Using a smartphone camera, take a Selfie! Now select a disease from the “Give yourself a case of” menu and press the “Morph Me Now” button. In real time see your lovely Selfie morph into a diseased individual with the disease you selected.

Goal of the DiseaseMorph.org App

To become a widely used mobile app which educates professionals and health-seeking adults (particularly parents) on the benefits of vaccination through a fun, personalized, visual experience of giving themselves “a case” of an unpleasant disease which can be prevented through vaccination.

Rationale for the DiseaseMorph.org App?

Healthcare information is still largely being presented in a 20th Century manner to a 21st Century population. Most health education is flat and technical. Reading about health, seeing videos, posters and even the interaction between provider and client are the norm and have an important role. Most health Apps tend to simply convey the information in a flat format. New and innovative approaches are needed to educate the populace.

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